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Limited Edition Cars: Bentley Arnage For Sale

Bentley Arnage is a British best car produced by the British automobile manufacturer Bentley Motors Limited from 2002 to 2011. It was introduced as the successor of the Continental GTC and GT and replaced it in the lineup. “Arnage” refers to the French word for “crown.” The Arnage succeeded its predecessor with a basic structure identical to the GT but completely redesigned bodywork. It is equipped with top-of-the-line modern technology and features. This must-have British motorcar is available at Bentley Washington DC, so don’t hesitate to check out our Bentley selection today!

Engine And Transmission

As with any turbocharged car, you must ensure that the turbos are working properly before driving off into the sunset. The earliest Arnage produces 349bph when new but relies heavily on its twin turbos for its impressive performance. It doesn’t have the ultimate torque of the conventional Rolls-Royce V12, which has 450 lb.-ft. Available at 2,500 rpm compared with the 1,200 lb. ft.

Suspension And Steering

The Bentley Arnage ensures maximum comfort for drivers and passengers, thanks to its advanced suspension and steering setup. The strong MacPherson struts and coil springs up front provide a smooth and pleasant ride, while the semi-trailing arms in the rear ensure outstanding stability and road-holding capabilities. And with its sophisticated hydraulic power steering, you can rest assured that the Arnage has precise responses despite the higher levels of speed it is capable of achieving.

Interior Comfort And Convenience

The interior of the Bentley Arnage is an experience in and of itself. From the luxurious black leather seats and all upholstery, featuring bold red stitching and adjustable headrests and bolsters, to the eye-catching chrome-ringed instrument cluster with its large digital speedometer and tachometer, it all creates a palpable air of sophistication. An armrest is integrated into the center console, heated seats, and many useful storage compartments for those seeking extra comfort. But stepping inside a Bentley Arnage is akin to stepping out of the ordinary into exquisite automotive refinement.

Your Safety With Arnage

The Bentley Arnage is a luxurious vehicle made with safety in mind. It has three airbags as standard equipment, including one curtain-side airbag and two driver/passenger knee bags. These airbags are designed to deploy in catastrophic events and help protect occupants from injury. In addition to these airbags, the Arnage is equipped with a full roll cage that provides enhanced protection for occupants should an incident occur. Other driver assistance features include,

  • Multi-zone climate control
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Lane assist
  • Emergency braking
  • Front and back cameras
  • Parking sensors

Exterior Make

As one of Bentley’s most luxurious models, the Arnage body style has a sleek design with premium wheels that exemplify the timeless elegance of classic grand touring cars. Featuring a muscular front-engined layout with a long hood and short deck, this model projects an air of power and is speed-ready for whatever drive might come it’s way. With its curved lines and contours, the Arnage instantly evokes an atmosphere of assertive luxury backed by top-of-the-line engineering.

Bentley Arnage Trims

You can find the following lineup for Bentley Arnage in various colors and model years in our inventory.

Bentley Arnage T

Bentley Arnage T is a remarkable 4D sedan with a robust 6.75L V8 SEFI OHV Twin Turbocharged engine paired with a desirable RWD drivetrain and 4-speed automatic transmission with overdrive. It is expertly finished with an attention-grabbing exterior color of tungsten and an interior color of Portland. This head-turning luxury vehicle has just 69,564 miles on the clock so that you can experience the driving experience of your life.

Bentley Arnage RR

With only 16,851 miles, the 2017 Bentley Arnage RR will turn heads everywhere you go with an exterior Arctica paint, interior Saffron and Saddle hide, and Burr Walnut veneer. We also offer extra options at various costs, such as chrome door mirror caps, radiator shells, lambswool rugs, and an Arnage R entertainment combination. Giving your ride the ultimate level of comfort and style.

Tips For Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car can be hectic; here are a few tips for buying a used car.

Shop Around

When buying a used car, shopping around and comparing prices is essential. Researching makes, models, features, mileage, and condition will help you determine which car works best for you. You can save time by researching online before visiting dealerships or private sellers. Ask the seller about the vehicle history, maintenance records, and theft history. Make sure to ask for a report of any repairs done to the car before you make a purchase.

Hire A Professional Mechanic For Inspection

Hiring a professional mechanic may seem like an extra expense when buying a used car, but it can keep your money save in the long run. Mechanics know what to look for when inspecting vehicles for potential issues or defects. They can also provide valuable advice concerning repairs to get your car smoothly and safely running. Plus, they can help you determine if the price is fair based on the car’s condition.

Consider A Certified Car

If you want peace of mind when purchasing a used car, consider getting one certified by a good dealer like Bentley Washington, DC. Certified pre-owned cars are thoroughly inspected inside and out to meet specific quality standards our dealership sets. These vehicles must pass detailed inspections to receive certification so buyers can feel more confident about their purchase.

Check Your Budget 

Before heading out to purchase a used vehicle, it’s essential to review your budget carefully first. For example, Bentley’s arnage cost is a bit more as it comes under luxury cars. Also consider other related costs such as insurance rates, fuel costs, registration fees, taxes, etc. Once you have established your budget restrictions, stick to them!

Test Drive 

It’s always best practice to give the vehicle you are considering purchasing a test drive before making any commitments or final decisions. During this time, take note of how the engine sounds and how smooth or rough the ride feels when accelerating and braking, as well as taking turns at different speeds. Also, check for strange vibrations or smells inside or outside the cabin while driving around town or on highway roads.

Best Used Bentley Dealer In Washington DC

We recommend checking out the Bentley Washington DC dealership if you’re in the market for an amazing used Bentley Arnage. We have a wide selection of trims and colors to choose from, and our team of experts can help you find the perfect match for your needs. Plus, we offer tips for buying a used car to ensure you get the best possible deal. Visit our website to check out the benefits of buying from us.

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